Dog Track App revisa

Great App

Great support and good app to see where exactly dog is in relation to track. Can follow the dog and not worry about not knowing where the track is. Gives handler more confidence in training.

Crashes and doesn't work

First and foremost. I'm an AKC tracking judge and a tracking judge for the Australian Shepherd Club of America. I've been an AKC judge since 1992. Needless to say, I felt that the app would be terrific for my use. Went to use it today. The instruction screen totally locked up, although I had read the instructions before, I was checking to make sure I was doing everything correct. Nothing. White page that then locks up the app. You have to exit the app and then shut your phone off to get the app working again. In the instructions, they tell you that the color will tell you how accurate the GPS is. I had green all of the time, which means the best accuracy. Well, the yardage was WAY off. Half the time it had me walking on the top of buildings (I'm doing VST work). Even if I weren't an AKC judge, you'd still be able to walk down a sidewalk and know that you're walking in a straight line. Not according to the app. It had me all over the place. Save your time and money.

Good tracking aid

Once my husband and I figured out how to use it this app has been wonderful. As with anything new it took a few tries to get it down. I found that attaching the phone to her harness showed me where she was actually going. In many cases she did better than I thought she had. This program along with video taping what Juno does is very helpful.

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